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William N. Sullivan, DDS
Christopher Stanosheck, DDS
PH: (239) 597-4944

Crown & Bridges


Dental crowns have been used in dentistry for over 80 years. Traditionally they were fabricated out of gold but today’s modern materials allow us to construct them out of tooth colored porcelain. Dental crowns are the strongest and most predictable restoration we can offer our patients.

Crowns are recommended for the following:

  • Cracked and Broken Teeth
  • Strengthen and Support Root Cancelled Teeth
  • Restore Teeth with Large Filings Present
  • Cover Up Dark Teeth
  • For Smile Makeovers

Advantages of crowns:

  • Unparalleled Strength
  • Long Life span
  • Color Stability
  • Excellent Esthetics


Dental bridges are very similar to dental crowns and are one option when a tooth is missing. When a tooth is lost, the missing space can be filled using bridgework. Bridgework involves shaving down the teeth adjacent to the missing tooth. The bridge is cemented to these adjacent teeth which anchor it. Bridgework is very popular because no surgery is required, only two appointments are needed, teeth are cemented in securely, and feel and look like real teeth.